Thursday, March 28, 2013

Move on over black cloud

It probably seems like I've been MIA for awhile! Our life has been busy busy lately!  We finally got all moved, we are still unpacking the boxes which is the worst part.  Shannon and I moved everything from our whole house just him and I on Friday and Saturday and my Mom has been helping me unpack.  Thank goodness for her because she is a BIG help when it comes to unpacking and rearranging.  We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University last week, so we are in week 2.  I really think we are going to like it, I'm ready to get a budget and get our money in order and get financially stable! We had a pretty bad snow this past Sunday and it got pretty bad out.  The roads were slick with ice.  We were going to my Mom's and Shannon was driving and the car in front of us stopped but it was too slick and Shannon couldn't get the car stopped fast enough and we had a little fender bender.  It didn't do anything to the other guys vehicle because the car hit his hitch, but it did damage our vehicle.  It broke the plastic or fiberglass (whatever it is) front.  We haven't got an estimate yet on how much that's gonna cost and I'm not looking forward to it at all.   I have been having a lot of headaches lately which I thought was due to my eyes so I have been seeing an eye Dr. for.  But then last week I went to the dentist for my cleaning and I told him about a tooth that was hurting me and he took xrays and I have an abscessed tooth and he referred me to the oral surgeon.  I went and seen him Tuesday and I have surgery set up for next Wednesday to have the tooth removed, the roots are up in my sinus cavity and the infections pretty bad so he believes that's why I have been having headaches. So even though I don't want to have surgery it is a relief to know what the headaches are from.  So sometimes it feels like we can't catch a break.  Its always something in this house.  Do you ever feel like a black cloud is hanging over your head?  Well I'm ready for this black cloud to move on already!

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