Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday!

I confess...

I am still totally crushing over my husband, he still gives me butterflies in my tummy!

I am addicted to sweet tea and I may need an intervention

I have a very close relationship and connection with my pugs, and im pretty sure my hubs thinks its unhealthy

I still sneak in my 12 year olds room at night to check on him and make sure hes still breathing ( I did this like crazy when he was a baby)

I am totally in love with our new house

I secretly love Justin Biebers music...oops guess its no secret now

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Letter To Me...

Well today I turned 33 and I can't help but think back on life and how I wish I knew then what I know now!  It makes me think of a Brad Paisley song "A Letter To Me".  So I got to thinking what I would write in a letter if I could send it back in time to when I was 14 or 15.

Here's what I would say:
 Chrissy you may think that you can't wait til your old enough to move out on your own but don't rush it!  You will miss your parents and you really have no idea how good you have it right now.  Stop being so hard on your stepdad, he is an amazing man and someday soon you will realize this and wish you would've been nicer.  He isn't out to get you, he loves you like your his own and he would do anything in the world for you.  Stop obsessing over your looks, your clothes and your popularity!  Yes you are popular right now but none of that matters at all as an adult, so just stop it!!  Cherish your friends and always always remember that no boy is ever more important than your friends!  Your little sister is not a little monster so stop complaining!  The crying and her annoyingness will wear off I promise!  She will grow up to be a beautiful, loving, extremely intellegent woman and you will wish you hadn't prayed for her to go back where she came from :)  Spend as much quality time as you can with your Mom, shes just absolutely amazing and someday you wont think shes embarrassing and stupid.  Someday you will realize and appreciate how strict she was on you and why she didnt let you run a muck!  Give Shadow twice the hugs & kisses you already do because when she goes to heaven your heart will break like it never has before. Spend even more time with your grandpa because when hes gone you will feel lost and so will your family because he is everyones rock, learn as much as you can about him now.  

 Clean your room, you are a slob and should be ashamed of yourself, plus it will save several fights with Mom!   Its ok to be single, you will discover you better than you ever thought you could, a man doesnt define you and you dont need one to make you happy.  No matter how sad you may feel or how many times your heart gets broken you will always make it through it and you have your Mom to thank for that, so go hug her right now!  Talk to her when your feeling down, she will understand, shes pretty smart ya know!  Your Mom will always be your best friend so dont you forget that!  Don't wish time away because one day you will wake up and be 33 and wonder where it all went!

P.S. You will meet an obnoxious fellow in a few years, have fun while it lasts and treat him right because he will give you one of the greatest gifts in your life!  Now go out and enjoy your youth!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's been a wild ride!

For those of you that don't know me, buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride I call my life!  I am the mom to an accident prone, athletic, goofy, always on the go 12 year old boy.  I also am Mom to two plump and spoiled pugs.  I am the wife of a very caring hubby.  I have created this blog as a way to express my feelings and to post recipes I make for my family.  I am also on a mission to find God again and become a better Christian.  I have made some terrible decisions in my past and I feel that if I can learn to love myself and love God my relationship with my husband and son will benefit and become stronger.  My husband and I have been married for a year this September. I have been through three failed marriages and feel as though I have now found a great man who will treat me right!  I am a head cook of a school in my community but I don't feel that this is where Im suppose to be, and I am hoping through connecting with God I will soon be on the track to the career I am meant for.  We recently moved to a new town and I hardly know anyone which is very hard.  I do not have close friends that I hang out with or even speak with on a daily basis.  It seems so much harder to make friends as an adult and I have no idea where to start.  I  need a good circle of friends I can talk with and have adult conversation with but I haven't had any luck so far.  Don't get me wrong I have a couple friends I talk to every once in awhile but no one I see regularly and I feel a little lost and empty.  My biggest hero is my mother, she is an amazing loving strong woman who raised me as a single mother for almost 11 years.  I look up to my mom and just think she's the bees knees!!!   Sorry for the rambling but I had no idea where to start!!!